Find your Ikigai in Japan

Ikigai ( 生き甲斐 ) means ‘a reason for being alive’ and it was born in the island of Okinawa. According to the Japanese culture, everyone has an Ikigai. Once you find it, it will give you satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life. You will find your purpose in life, the reason why you feel motivated every morning to ace life from an optimistic perspective and wanting to take on the world.

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The magic of Greece

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If I need to describe Greece in a word , it would be thalasophilia (θαλασσοφιλία), that means the love for the ocean and the sea. The truth is that I have never been there but I have dreamed so much of swimming in these beautiful islands, exploring the places where the mythological creatures used to live and feel the Greek culture and vibes.

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