Slovenia, the green heart of Europe

‘Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.’ When we chose Slovenia as one of our destinations in our road trip, we didn’t imagine it would be so charming with such a breathtaking nature. The green heart of Europe or the European’s lung, as they use to call this country, has surprised us more than we ever thought it would.

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South Africa, ‘Hakuna Matata’

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Howzit, my chommie! Are you ready to discover the Lion King’s land?

Once upon a time, I met a South African girl that wherever she went, she always carried her South African vibes. Her name was Jessie and she reminded me a bit of Simba, not only for her innocence and her bravery but for the fact that, even she moved to another country for a while, she had a proudly South African on her. She was in love with her home and her family as Simba was in love with Nala.‘Love will find a way, anywhere we go.’

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El viaje del mono by Patri and Edu

Why ‘El viaje del mono’ ? A kid gifted Jose, the little monkey, to Edu when he was working in a cafe. He decided to put the monkey in his rucksack. One of their friends said that they always take the monkey to everywhere.

So, they thought that it would be interesting to show to the people the places where they have been in @elviaje_delmono . Jimena, the other little monkey joined o the adventure later and she travels on Patri’s rucksack.

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