Lara Rodríguez and the Wellness Code

Lara as many others personal trainers lost her job due the pandemic. She understood this ‘catastrophe’ is something under out of our control but she took this situation as a great opportunity to work on her project about physical and lifestyle coaching. Furthermore, her project became a shared project -WELLNESS CODE- with other personal trainer, Zenta Zaldate, and they are doing great.

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We are now approaching United Kingdom

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United Kingdom has many places to discover. We all know that London is amazing and it’s because beyond those London rainy days, there is a cosmopolitan city full of activities to do and new experiences to live. However, what I liked the most about living there was the fact you can get to know amazing people from all the cultures. As Sherlock Holmes said, ‘The air of London is sweeter for my presence’, I can confirm London is nicer meeting these lovely people.

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South Africa, ‘Hakuna Matata’

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Howzit, my chommie! Are you ready to discover the Lion King’s land?

Once upon a time, I met a South African girl that wherever she went, she always carried her South African vibes. Her name was Jessie and she reminded me a bit of Simba, not only for her innocence and her bravery but for the fact that, even she moved to another country for a while, she had a proudly South African on her. She was in love with her home and her family as Simba was in love with Nala.‘Love will find a way, anywhere we go.’

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The magic of Greece

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If I need to describe Greece in a word , it would be thalasophilia (θαλασσοφιλία), that means the love for the ocean and the sea. The truth is that I have never been there but I have dreamed so much of swimming in these beautiful islands, exploring the places where the mythological creatures used to live and feel the Greek culture and vibes.

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