Slovenia, the green heart of Europe

‘Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.’ When we chose Slovenia as one of our destinations in our road trip, we didn’t imagine it would be so charming with such a breathtaking nature. The green heart of Europe or the European’s lung, as they use to call this country, has surprised us more than we ever thought it would.

‘We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.’ Even if you love your job and your routine, you sometimes need to go on adventure and explore new places. Ervin, an Slovenian and traveler guy, was the only ‘ingredient’ we have missed to make this trip the perfect breakaway because there is no better way to get to know a country through the locals and its culture. But that’s the perfect reason to come back to SLOVEnia and visit all their best spots.


Bled is an explosion of nature, peace, adventure. It’s one of the most charming place I have seen. Waking up there is like being in a fairytale with the sunrise, the swans and its island over the horizon. You can go to the island by boat (pletna) if the lake is not frozen that is really common in winter.

Ervin Ibricic & Ángela Serrano

We have missed Vintgar Gorge as in winter there is no option to visit it but if you are in Bled from spring to autumn is a must. However as the day was really sunny , we went up to Mala Ojstrica to admire the landscape of Bled. There’s a lot of adventure activities to do in Bled.


There is much to explore in the capital of Slovenia. Its Old Town is one of the most picturesque we have ever seen. We really love the colourful buildings, Tivoli park, the castle on the hill, this magic atmosphere even if it was winter.

As we went into the streets of Ljubljana, we noticed there was a mystery related with dragons. But, what it’s all about? The dragon is the symbol of this capital city from the Baroque era onwards. It symbolizes courage, grandeur and power and it is also in their flag.

Ervin Ibricic & Ángela Serrano

We shouldn’t have left the capital without dropping into the cool neighborhood of Metelkova. Full of extravagant and singular objects, you could lost yourself in that odd art. In fact, Metelkova City is a former Yugoslavian military barracks turned into a squat in 1993. It will be a must for my next visit to the Slovenian capital.

Ervin Ibricic


This city where the Slovenian’s charm and the Italian culture live side by side. You could breath both cultures when you are walking through the streets of this fishing village. At first sight it could remind you of Venice cause it’s Campanile. At the end it borders with Italy.

After visiting the Old Town, the port area, all the handcraft stores, we recommend you going around St. George’s Parish Church and, where you go on the top, you will see the city from above. I am sure that you will appreciate the symbiosis of the green Slovenia an the Italian style.

Ángela Serrano


Our first thought was going to Soca Valley but it is true that you only can enjoy it in the spring or summer season with all the adventure activities like kayaking. So, instead of going there, we bet for one of the Slovenian amazing lakes, Lake Plansarsko Jezero. We were amazed by all its nature and its sick views, the reflection from the snowy mountain in the water.

It couldn’t be expressed through words so I took the best picture I could to keep in mind this amazing atmosphere. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to visit Lake Bohinj in the Julian Alps that, according to Ervin, is the most breath taking scenery and relaxing ambience. If you are lucky enough to live around these lakes, you are only a blink away to enjoy their peaceful and beauty.

Ángela Serrano


You will find in Velika Planina the best place for hiking in the country. It has the largest mountain pasture in Slovenia. It is located in Bistrica Valley and Gradisce is it highest point. Spending a weekend there, in the morning you would awake with the gentle sounds of the cows. And if you fancy ski, you will enjoy the most in the winter season with its ski resort.


In the south of the Italian region of Trieste and washed by the Adriatic sea, there is a port city called Koper with a venetian past. It is due Italy is less than 20 kilometres far from Koper. One of its main attractions is the FOLKEST, a festival attended by musicians from all over Europe.

Ervin Ibricic

‘You have always been crazy, this is just the first chance you have had to express yourself.’ Our trip through the Slovenian places has come to an end. After our experience in the road trip and having a look to the places Ervin told me, I highly recommend you to get lost in the green heart of Slovenia. Once you live this adventure, you will feel so pure, full of energy and good vibes to fight with your daily routine.

Have you ever been to Slovenia? Do you have any other recommendations for this country? Stay tuned for the next posts to discover more unique places around the world. Meanwhile, you can read the other episodes.

Thanks to Ervin for your most valuable places in Slovenia and Carla for the road trip we gifted to us last Christmas to this European paradise that I will never forget.

Ángela Serrano


*Ángela Serrano

*Ervin Ibricic

*Velika Planina

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