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When Gaia moved to Tbilisi, she felt a strong connection at the first sight with this Georgian city. The reason behind? This city, on the river Kurá, inspires and allows us to reach back through time. Do you want to know the best spots in Tbilisi? Gaia will lead us in this amazing virtual journey around her current home.

In Georgia’s capital, food, wine, art scene, fashion and nightlife are just amazing and there are many things to see. I’ll try to make a short list of the top 5 places to visit and go out at night, hoping in better times to continue to enjoy them.

If you are on a day trip, you shouldn’t forget to mark all these places in your map if you want to enjoy the Georgian city and understand its culture.


Every corner of the Old Town is fulfilled with picturesque romantic restaurants and cafes but you should consider to pass by the big “Torre di Pisa” style clock around 12 am or 7 pm. It was created by the renowned Georgian puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze. On these hours, a window opens at the top and an angel strikes the bell. Below the clock, a screen opens, the music starts and shows us the circle of life: boy meets a girl, marriage, childbirth and funeral.

Gaia Lalli


In this place you can enjoy fresh air, good view and apparently, in summer, also one of the best festivals of the region: the Tbilisi Open Air.

Gaia Lalli


The city actually earned its name from the natural hot springs that run under the area of Abanotubani, so these baths (some of them very well decorated) are a pretty important part of the area’s history. Tbilisi’s every day open baths are hot & cheap sulfur baths which I strongly recommend.

Gaia Lalli


One of the most pleasant places to lay down and enjoy a view of the city from over the hills. You can reach the place through the funicular or hiking, both remarkable experiences. Once there, you can also try one of the fun park attractions.

Gaia Lalli


It is the place to go to find strange curiosities and buy unique souvenirs. If it’s not enough check all the area around Station square too.

Gaia Lalli

After spending the day discovering the most unique places in Tbilisi, it’s time to see what the Georgian’s nightlife could offer us. Gaia has chosen her five favourite emblematic places to go out.


Gaia Lalli

In the very centre of the city, you will be fascinated by its decadent, plush rooms and good selection of alternative djs every night. If you only manage to get in. Firstly you need to pass through a face control, which doesn’t have any logic at all. Perhaps this is the drama they’re talking about.


Hidden in between loud pubs, it’s a very special place which welcome you with cheap drinks and great music selection.


Nostalgic about the Tuesdays nights here, it’s a place of dance, movement and live music without any comparison, in the middle of a park.


It is the only gay bar in the whole Caucasus and it has style: fluffy walls, a disco ball, renaissance-style statuettes, neons, cocktails and disco music.


It used to be a swimming pool for footballers but now it’s a legendary stage who supported underprivileged and discriminated people with the famous slogan “We dance together, we fight together!” and truly made visible the Georgian electronic music and culture.

I don’t know you but I wouldn’t miss all these places in my list of What to see in Tbilisi (Georgia). What do you think of them? Do you have any other recommendations for this country? And If you liked this ‘virtual trip’ through a native or resident’s favourite places, stay tuned for the next posts.

Thank you Gaia for sharing with us your lovely Georgian place. 

Ángela Serrano and Gaia Lalli


*Gaia Lalli


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