The magic of Greece

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If I need to describe Greece in a word , it would be thalasophilia (θαλασσοφιλία), that means the love for the ocean and the sea. The truth is that I have never been there but I have dreamed so much of swimming in these beautiful islands, exploring the places where the mythological creatures used to live and feel the Greek culture and vibes.

I think there is no better way to get to know the culture of a country than through its people. Olga Karakotta, from Thessaloníki , is going to be with us in this ‘virtual’ trip to Greece sharing with us her five unique Greek places. If we are planning a trip to this country we shouldn’t forget to visit to the Ancient city in Athens, the nightlife in Mykonos and the famous blue and white Santorini, but there are other amazing corners to discover.


What Olga likes the most about Creta , the biggest island in Greece, is its mountains. In the Mountain Ida, we can find the Ideon Cave, where Zeus was born. The best seasons to visit the famous White Mountains are spring and autumn but you can also enjoy the snow during winter and the fresh air of the Samaria Gorge during summer.

Rojo Cangrejo


This island in the Aegean Sea is called the island of the long life. The secret? Their lifestyle. Ikarian people are really active and they have a diet high in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, olive oil and fish. Their walks through this amazing island that got its name from Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology, help them to reduce depression, stress, weight and mortality…

101 Lugares Increibles


We can´t leave Greece without visiting the Monasteries in Meteora, where Earth rises to the Sky. This amazing corner of the Greek country is inscribed in the World Heritage list of UNESCO. There, from the top, you can enjoy these amazing views , the valleys and these singular rock formations.

The Planet D


Here we have another Greek green place if you fancy hiking and enjoying the nature. The Mountain Olympus, close to Olga´s hometown, is a must if you want to practice some sport and if you are looking for other kind of plan more active than just relax in the beaches. After climbing the mountains, you deserve this sick view.

Olga Karakotta


We end our ‘virtual trip’ to Greece with one of the Olga’s favourite places for swimming, the blue crystal waters of Halikidiki. After exploring our last two hiking places, it’s time to relax in these paradise beaches and discover the seabed.

Olga Karakotta

I don’t know you but I wouldn’t miss all these places in my list of What to see in Greece… What do you think of them? Do you have any other recommendations for this country? And If you liked this ‘virtual trip’ through a native’s favorite places, stay tuned for the next posts.

Thank you Olga for sharing with us your paradise corners in your beautiful country.

Ángela Serrano


*Olga Karakotta

*Rojo Cangrejo

*101 Lugares Increíbles

*Planeta D


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