Stuck in iso with an Aussie sheila

It has been more than 10 days since the first day of the isolation due the ‘Corona Virus’ and I am already feeling like a koala. First reason, I am spending this quarantine with my Aussie sheila housemate. Second reason, I stopped being a gleeful weekend traveler but, no worries, heaps of series to watch, Aussie words to learn, workouts to do, so I am not afraid about the possibility of become a bludger.


‘There’s always a joker, that’s the rule… But fate deals the hand and I see…The joker is meeeeeeee’. That’s the soundtrack of our mornings since birds are in quarantine too. Oh wait, do I say morning? Waking up at 12 am should be considered an arvo awakening.

Joining this Aussie sheila for brekkie with some delicious choccy biccy’s, while watching ‘Kath & Kim’ , trying to evade ourselves of this reality that we haven’t chosen to live. Our minds should be in panic like the others, afraid about the idea of being crook in this foreign country but, despite this situation, we need to smile at life everyday… Otherwise, this situation freaks us out.

While I am dreaming of living the Australian experience or at least, being on a beach wearing a nice cozzie, I think she would like to go back home to a goon fortune game or a barbie with friends outside this flat, in the bush … This idea sounds absolutely bloody great to me.
Dreaming aside, I could never imagine the day that going to the grocery store would be the highlight of my day… When we walk through streets that are not Choc – a – block, trying to avoid the Cops, I feel like a teenager wagging high school. Dressed up like a dag, we go into the empty supermarket and we feel devo.

CRICKEY! Where is all the dunny roll? Hopefully, we already have all the sanitary material that we need at home so we don’t need to spend our hard earned bucks ($) to keep up with the panic buyers. So, we just buy a pair of thongs, so we can spend our isolation dreaming we can bail on this isolation and head home.

But alas we head back to our prison – I mean flat – and we start to sing heaps of musical songs to pass the time. I am trying to do my best and smash in this karaoke party but sometimes I find myself losing in the lyrics. But, no matters if it will rain, as I guess we are not going to need the brolly for a while… Time is ticking away…Hopefully we can resurface before Chrissie.


*What do you reckon? > You think so?
*Arvo > Afternoon
*Bail > Leave, cancel plans
*Barbie > Barbacue
*Bludger > Lazy person
*Brekky > Breakfast
*Buck > Dollar
*Bloody great > Really great
*Brolly > Umbrella
*Choc – a – block > Full
*Choccy biccy > chocolate biscuit
*Cobber > Friend
*Chrissie > Christmas
*Cozzie > Swimsuit
*Cop > Police
*Crickey! > Surprised (expression)

*To be crook > Sick, unwell
*Drongo, Galah, Dag > Silly
*Devo > Devasted
*Dunny roll > Toilet roll
*G’ Day! > Hello!
*Goon fortune > Australian game with wine plastic bags
*Heaps > A lot, many, much
*On Ya Sonya > What an idiot!
*Sheila > woman, girl

*To wag (to school) > to lie to not go to school / not going to school
*Thongs > Flip flops
*The bush > outback, countryside

Ángela Serrano

*Many thanks to Trish Hayden, my Aussie sheila and partner in crime*


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